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Now it’s time for the main event of the weekend; Laura’s birthday dinner. I’d spent a while trying to find somewhere that was really special and would be something to remember. Eventually, I found Lanterna na Dolcu. It was perfect! It had the dim lighting, the cute setting and the menu looked incredible. I didn’t just want any old food, I wanted something traditional to the country we were in and Lanterna na Dolcu gave me just that.

croatia restaurant traditional food

As you can see, it’s beautiful. Based in the oldest street in the city and with the main restaurant being in a cellar that is over 300 years old, you really got a feel for traditional Zagreb.

We were seated in the top left table and were the only ones there when we arrived. I had my reservations but the staff and the manager put my mind at ease.

Now onto the meal..

The Food

Looking at the menu, there was so many options! Everything sounded incredible, I could have eaten it all had I been there long enough. Being in Croatia, I didn’t think I could go there and not try their traditional štukli which comes in both savoury and sweet versions so I pleasantly surprised to find it on the menu.


Baked strudel (“štukli“) and a ‘Lanterna Plate’ which consisted of prosciutto, kulen which is traditional pork sausage and cheese

strukli croatia lanterna na dolcu cheese platter


‘The Grič Witch’ – beef steak medallions in hot pepper and blueberry sauce with sides of homemade gnocchi and baked potatoes

croatia beef steak lanterna na dolcu


‘Lanterna Štrukli’ which is their sweet version of a strudel with blueberry sauce and ‘Lanterna mousse’ which came presented absolutely perfectly

desserts croatia lanterna na dolcu strukli strudel mousse


This restaurant is incredibly unassuming – hidden down some back roads with a small front, you go in and are welcomed by a small area with a bar. It’s only once you get taken down towards the back, into the cellar, does it really hit you just how magnificent this place is.

The candles, the wine bottles and the music all fits together to create the most romantic dinner you’ll have in Zagreb.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lanterna na Dolcu to anyone visiting Zagreb. They were welcoming, kind and nothing was too much trouble. The food was excellent and a perfect sample of Croatian cuisine without being too overbearing.

If you’re looking to celebrate any event or just a solid evening out with friends, give these guys a visit!


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